What Should I Do After a

Car Accident?

Dos and Dont’s






SEEK MEDICAL ATTENTION if you or a passenger is injured in the accident or think you may have hidden injuries.


DON’T ADMIT FAULT  just tell the police officer what happened to prevent an accident liability dispute.


CALL 911 to create a police report & prevent blame being place on you.


DON’T RECORD A STATEMENT  with any insurance company.  Just say “no”.


EXCHANGE INFO  including drivers license, vehicle VIN & insurance.


DON’T SIGN ANYTHING at all from an insurer. Avoid this common mistake.


TAKE PICTURES of damage to both cars, their license plates & accident location.


DON’T SETTLE OR NEGOTIATE on your own without calling Adam Miller, The Texas Bulldog.


DOCUMENT DETAILS about the location of the accident with a diagram, if possible, and weather info.


DON’T POST ON SOCIAL MEDIA anything about your accident, as the insurance company may use it to deny your claim.


CALL ADAM MILLER, THE TEXAS BULLDOG for a free consult regarding your injury accident claim and find out why you should hire him as your personal injury lawyer.


DON’T WAIT to contact The Miller Law Firm, as evidence – such as videos from nearby businesses – disappear quickly, and they can help guide you to get the full compensation you deserve for your injuries.