Insurance adjusters might seem friendly but are NOT YOUR FRIENDS.  They will often do everything in their power to refuse liability or pay you absolutely nothing for your injuries.  Below we have listed several horror stories of people who attempted to fight with insurance companies themselves.  We have redacted the names of the specific insurance companies and their agents.


“My husband was hit by a driver who had [Redacted] insurance. The claim process was horrible. The [Redacted] agents treated us like we were bothering them. Never returned messages, no call backs, denied even who we were and lied to us that claims had been paid, when they had not. Had to get an attorney to get it resolved. This was a NO FAULT accident. My husband was hit by a young driver. BEWARE – if you are in an accident and hit by a drive who has [Redacted], good luck because it will be an undertaking. BEWARE!”

Every step of the way they are trying to jip you.

“After being rear ended in July by an uninsured driver, I had to claim on my uninsured motorist that I pay the premium for monthly. Working with the [Redacted] claim agents has been the absolute worst claim experience I have ever had. They don’t try to do right by their policy holders. Every step of the way they are trying to jip you out of your rightful claim. Only when you threaten to get lawyers involved will they start moving on the settlement. But still not to your full loss but to the point where any more time dealt with them become not worth your time. The very worst service I have ever experienced with a insurance company. Will start shopping for new insurance when it is renewal time.”

This whole thing has been a nightmare.

“I was hit in my BMW 740i by one of their insured, was sent a joke of a quote by the adjuster after taking all of the pictures and doing their job for them. They tried to put me in a Mitsubishi Mirage while my BMW was getting repaired which is way too small for my work equipment. Explained to them why I needed a bigger vehicle for my work and was given a Toyota Corolla, a tiny tin can also not sufficient for me to do my job. This is after they had made this “big sacrifice” and promised me a mid size sedan. They never put the upgrade in the system. I can’t even use this car and will drop it back off today. I will be borrowing another car from a family member. This whole thing has been a nightmare and they have done nothing to make the situation better. Horrible company if you have to make a claim with them. Avoid if you can.”

What a joke.

“Better hope someone with [Redacted] doesn’t back into your car. They refuse to pay 100% of the damages no matter if it’s not your fault AT ALL. You’re NOT in good hands with [Redacted]! They are hateful over the phone and they refuse to pay. Tried to offer us $1000. What a joke. Our van has been undriveable for 5 months now. There’s probably $3000 damage and we’re supposed to pay 10% and yet it was not our fault at all. They are CROOKED and like I said they are hateful to people.”

Make it incredibly difficult to put food on the table for my kid.

“Thanks [Redacted] for being the absolute worst. Not only is my husband’s birthday ruined due to the news of you not paying for a claim YOUR insured did, now I am out of a van, which will in turn ruin my job and make it incredibly difficult to put food on the table for my kid. When calling to file a claim the representative was quick to say they couldn’t help. Despite video evidence at the place the incident occurred, [Redacted] has now let us know they are denying the claim and will only look into it if somehow the store will release the footage to us personally. (We all know how that goes), kind of a odd slogan for [Redacted] to ask us if we’re in good hands if they don’t seem to care if we actually are in good hands. I worked for [Redacted] and actually loved it, but to see the insured side of things is real eye opening.”

I’m the one one who is hit by someone, and then I have to pay to get a rental car.

“Ok I’d like to start off with the fact that I’m a normal nice human being. Someone backed into my car who has [Redacted] insurance. My first thought was “oh I’m in good hands”. But I could not have been more wrong. First of all it took 3 days to get ahold of someone to speak about my accident, after being on hold for hours at a time day after day. I then was told that I was going to have to pay for a rental car out of my own pocket. So if I’m getting this right… I’m the one one who is hit by someone, and then I have to pay to get a rental car. Sure they’re going to reimburse me, but what about the people who aren’t able to pay for a car out of pocket. What about them [Redacted]? This new policy is gonna screw thousands of people and all just to save a couple dollars. #2020″

They did everything they could to not pay out diminished value, the full length of the rental car and delay the claim.

“I was hit head on in my Mercedes wagon by an insured [Redacted] driver. I was not hurt but my car was totaled. Right out of the gate I gave a statement, the other driver gave a statement and I have her on video admitting fault. [Redacted] did everything they could to not pay out diminished value, the full length of the rental car and delay the claim. For every five calls I made maybe I would get one return call. I went to the supervisor of my handler and no return calls. So the apple does not fall far from the tree. I had zero claims for injuries so you would think they would want to help me. Finally I turned it over to my insurance company to handle the claim… Finally when [Redacted] was paying my rental car they wanted to not pay for four days! So had I not had another car to use for some of that time I would have had to pay out of pocket. So that makes zero sense. I am minding my own business driving the speed limit I get my car totaled and [Redacted] does not want to pay the full term of the rental car. Why should this have cost my anything? If you get hit by an [Redacted] insured driver hire a lawyer. I had wasted what I figure is over twenty hours of phone time and email time dealing with [Redacted] and his supervisor [Redacted]. They think it is ok for me to have out of pocket not reimbursed expenses for an accident not caused by me. Yet zero medical claim which I could have pursued legally but it was not the moral thing to do. Sadly it is companies like [Redacted] that have caused the need for the legal profession”