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    Texas residents know all too well the havoc that water can wreak on property. From tumultuous weather to the unexpected breakdown of plumbing systems, the threat of water damage is always near. Whether you’re a homeowner or a business proprietor, understanding water damage and the importance of swift action is crucial for protecting your property and well-being.

    Common Causes of Water Damage

    The wrath of Mother Nature, through severe storms and flooding, particularly in the Gulf Coast region, serves as a stark reminder of Texas’s susceptibility to devastating water damage. Additionally, more commonplace issues like burst pipes, leaky HVAC systems, and malfunctioning appliances add to the list of potential culprits.

    Severe Weather and Flooding

    Texans bear witness to a plethora of weather extremes, including hurricanes, torrential rains, and flash floods that can penetrate the defenses of the sturdiest buildings.

     Busted Pipes From Freeze

    While Texas winters are normally considered mild, historically the months from December through February brings spontaneous snow, rain, ice and even blizzards. In 2021, Texas saw one of its worst winter storms on record, leaving many in devastating situations without electricity and power, and in fear of death. 

    Even when the storm passed, Houston homeowners, as well as millions throughout the state were dealing with the consequences including burst pipes that require costly repairs.

    When plumbing freezes due to the lack of power to heat your home, it can cause severe damage. Keep in mind that sometimes this damage may not be visible, for example a burst pipe that occurs under your house. Types of damage from busted plumbing in Houston includes:

    • damage to walls, floors, and ceilings
    • damage to structural material such as support beams
    • damage to the foundation
    • damage to electrical wiring
    • damage to insulation

    mold damage

    Plumbing Mishaps

    Everyday plumbing problems—often hidden within the walls or under the foundation—can unexpectedly burst forth, unleashing substantial water damage within your property.

    Detrimental Effects on Properties

    Water damage is an insidious invader, often causing more than just the visible havoc you can see. It undermines structural integrity, incites mold, and poses significant health risks.

    Structural Damage

    Properties inundated by water can suffer from weakened foundations, warped framing, and deteriorating materials that demand prompt restoration.

    Mold Growth and Health Hazards

    The onset of mold growth post-water invasion not only damages property but can also pose serious health hazards, particularly to those with respiratory conditions.

    Urgency of Water Damage Remediation

    Time is of the essence when dealing with water damage. Swift measures can stave off the multiplication of damage, helping to keep restoration costs in check and preventing additional losses.

    Immediate Action Required

    Don’t delay in addressing water damage—quick responses can salvage possessions and halt the spread of destruction.

    Professional Assessment and Restoration

    Engaging professionals for water damage assessment and restoration is the best course of action to ensure safety and thoroughness.

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    How Our Firm Can Help

    With a resolute focus on personal injury law in Texas, The Miller Law Firm is adept at navigating the complexities of water damage claims.

    Determining Liability

    Identifying responsible parties is the first step toward justice, whether that’s a negligent landlord, a faulty construction crew, or an insurance company falling short of their obligations.

    Insurance Negotiations

    Our legal acumen means we engage with insurance providers from a position of strength and knowledge, aiming to secure what our clients rightfully deserve.

    Comprehensive Compensation

    We go beyond property repair costs, seeking reparation for personal injuries and any disruption to your residential or commercial endeavors.

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