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    IF THEY CALLED YOU FIRST, IT MIGHT BE WORTH $10,000 – Talk to a Texas Barratry and Solicitation Attorney.

    If you or someone you know has recently been involved in a car accident, then you already know that the experience can be significantly stressful. Not only will victims need to care for their physical and emotional well-being, additionally, they may also find themselves having to wade through unfamiliar legal waters. 

    Unfortunately, some attorneys use unethical tactics to acquire the contact information of victims. Known as “runners,” “solicitors” or “ambulance chasers” these individuals are likely looking to make a quick buck by reselling your case. These ambulance chasers will call you with information from your police report even before the report is on file.  They unethically get your information by paying an insider person at a police station or hospital.  This illegal act is called Barratry which is commonly referred to as “ambulance chasing.” Consequently, knowing your rights in this troubling situation can help you navigate the legal system more easily, and ensure that your best interests are always being taken into consideration.  Regardless if you were at fault for the vehicle accident, if you were initially solicited, you may be entitled to compensation.  Talk to a Texas Barratry and Solicitation Attorney today at 713-572-3333.


    At The Miller Law Firm our clients find us based on our reputation, we do not find them based on their injury or an ambulance chaser’s greed. We believe that clients will seek us out for both our outstanding record of winning and our top-notch client services. We do not engage in barratry and will actively help clients who believe they have been targeted by unscrupulous attorneys, clinics, tow truck drivers, and other “non-profit accident services.”

    Examples of Barratry

    Individuals who engage in barratry pose a real threat to accident victims. If a lawyer/ambulance chaser is willing to violate Texas law just to sign up a client, imagine what other unethical tactics the lawyer will take in representing that person. Some examples of behavior that fall under the definition of barratry/solicitation include: 

    ·         Soliciting employment, either by phone (call or text) or in person. This isn’t always the law firm directly.  If you are contacted by a tow truck driver, ambulance driver, hospital employee, chiropractor’s or other doctor’s office, any and all of these individuals have committed barratry.

    ·         Accepting payment in exchange for soliciting employment (i.e. – paying “case runners”)

    ·         Paying or offering to pay victims or family members to solicit employment

    ·         Filing a suit on behalf of a client without that client’s knowledge or permission

    ·         Offering advance payment on a potential verdict or settlement to victims or family members to solicit employment 

    ·         Coercing, threatening, or exerting undue influence on a potential client to solicit employment

    At The Miller Law Firm we stand on our record and avoid the tactics used by unethical “ambulance chasers” that give our profession a bad reputation.

    Why You Need a Texas Barratry and Solicitation Attorney

    When considering a lawyer, it’s important to check their references and ask questions about their experience handling cases similar to yours. If they are willing to make shady deals just to get your business, it could be an indication that they are not trustworthy. An attorney should understand that trust is one of the most important things for a client and should not be willing to compromise it. Ultimately, you want an attorney who is honest, ethical and has your best interests at heart.

    Falling victim to the predators

    No one should be soliciting clients as a general rule, so receiving an unexpected phone call, text message or email from an attorney/clinic/individual should be a warning sign for accident victims.  Many people are unaware that this practice is illegal and therefore end up using the proposed attorney’s services.

    If you have been contacted by ANYONE asking you to be their client or come to their clinic or LAW OFFICE, please do the following:

    1.       Firstly, get their name and phone number. Ask them what clinic or law firm they are calling from.

    2.      Secondly, tell them that you cannot talk right now but will call them back.

    3.      Thirdly, Call Adam Miller immediately 713-572-3333. He will give you instructions on how to ask the questions that will make them pay.  We will need to record this phone call.

    4.      Fourthly, if they ask to send you a contract to sign, agree. Never ask for a contract yourself and NEVER SIGN IT.

    5.     Lastly, ask them how they got your number.

    Have you been contacted by an attorney after an accident?

    If someone reaches out to you that you do not contact first this might be grounds for barratry.  Contact Adam Miller, a Texas Barratry and Solicitation Attorney straightaway to represent your barratry case at 713-572-3333.  You might be entitled to a $10,000 penalty plus the attorney’s fees.  Call now for a free, no-obligation consultation to see if you have a barratry case.


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