How Dangerous Is Texting While Driving?

How Dangerous Is Texting While Driving?

Distracted driving can cause serious damage, injuries and even fatalities.  Anything that takes your attention away from your primary task of driving can be a distraction.  Distracted driving is alarmingly common and was responsible for 3,142 deaths in 2019 in the United States (almost 10% more than 2018).  Unsurprisingly, one of the main causes of distracted driving is cell phone use.  The National Safety Council reports that cell phone use while driving leads to 1.6 million crashes each year.

Most people believe they are good drivers.  However, a staggering 69% of U. S. drivers (aged 18-64) admitted to using their cell phone while driving.  Cell phone use does not only include texting while driving; social media, GPS apps, instant messaging apps, music and podcast apps can all hinder your focus on the road.  Taking your eyes off of the road, even for a few seconds can cause an accident.  A car traveling at 55 mph will travel the full length of a football field in only 5 seconds.

Teenagers are especially susceptible to texting or using social media while driving.  Texting while driving doubles the chances for a car accident.  Additionally, half of teens feel that they are addicted to their smartphones.  Unfortunately, this puts them at the highest risk of accidents and injuries.  The combination of inexperience and distraction can cause preventable and sometimes deadly accidents.

It is important to talk to your teens about the dangers of distracted driving; and keep talking to them about it.  Even after being educated about the dangers, many still think it is harmless to send a quick test or instant message.  Parents can be just as guilty of cell phone use while driving.  If we hope to reduce accidents caused by distracted driving, a good start is leading by example.  Do not touch your phone until you are safely parked at your destination.  No text, post or email is worth losing a life.

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