The Texas Bulldog is Rooting for Designated Drivers this Sunday!

The Texas Bulldog is Rooting for Designated Drivers this Sunday!

Super Bowl parties are a staple for many Americans.  Super Bowl Sunday is one of the most popular sporting days of the year but when it comes to driving, it is also one of the most dangerous.  Drunk driving accidents spike every Super Bowl Sunday, especially during the hour after the game ends.

In 2018, over 10,500 people were killed by drunk drivers.  That’s an average of 1 death every 50 minutes, all year long.  Additionally, in that same year, 29% of all fatal crashes involved an alcohol-impaired driver.  BACtrack reports that Super Bowl Sunday is consistently one of the days with the highest average Blood Alcohol Content.  Unfortunately, Texas is one of the most dangerous states when it comes to drunk driving.  Texas had, by far, the most fatalities caused by alcohol impaired driving in 2018.

The Texas Bulldog doesn’t let his dogs drive drunk.  Make a game plan this weekend before you hit the roads.  No matter which team you are rooting for, everyone’s safety should always be the number one priority.  The average DUI court case costs approximately $10,000.  Do yourself a favor and arrange a ride or stay home altogether.  Even if you are sober and practicing safe driving, you can bet there will be drunk drivers on the road.

Here are 3 Tips for a Safe Super Bowl Sunday:

  1. If You’ve Been Drinking, You’re in the Dog-House: It’s illegal to drink and drive. There will be extra police out looking for drivers that have had too much to drink.  If you get behind the wheel after drinking you will get pulled over, arrested, and prosecuted. If you do not have a ride, sit and stay where you are until you are completely sober.  Buzzed driving is drunk driving.
  2. Call your dogs off: If you’re hosting the party, you’re responsible for your guests’ safety. Make sure you always take their keys before they drink and drive.  If any of your guests drink too much, call them a ride share such as an Uber or Taxi.  Never let your buzzed or drunk friends get behind the wheel, even if they insist they are fine or don’t have far to drive.
  3. Be a Top Dog: Everyone loves the designated driver.  Volunteering to drive and not drink for the night is a selfless act that everyone will appreciate.

If you or someone you know has been injured by a reckless drunk driver contact the Texas Bulldog today.  He will fight for your rights and chew up any insurance company that thinks they can trick you into accepting less than you deserve after an accident.  Call 713-572-3333 now for a free case evaluation.  Choose the attorney that doesn’t just bark, he bites.