Can you Collect Damages After a Hit and Run?

Can you Collect Damages After a Hit and Run?

There are many reasons why a driver would want to abandon the scene of an accident.  They could be driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol or they lack car insurance. No matter their reason, there is never an excuse. As crazy as it is with today’s technology, some people still believe they can get away with hit-and-run accidents.  Dealing with the ramifications of a car accident are bad enough, especially if you or your loved ones are seriously injured.  If you find yourself the victim of a hit-and-run accident, the experience will likely be far worse.

Fortunately, many intersections, businesses, home owners and parking lots have security cameras nowadays.  If you have been the victim of a hit-and-run accident hopefully police are able find the person responsible and hold them accountable.  However, this is not always the case.  Many times the guilty party is never found.  This may leave you wondering who will pay for damages.

Fleeing the Scene of an Accident is a Crime

Committing a hit-and-run accident can result in serious criminal charges.  The Texas Transportation Code, requires drivers/operators to perform certain duties after causing an accident, weather or not the accident causes a personal injury or death.  Operators are required to stop at the scene of the accident or as close to it as possible.  They must also check to see if the other driver/passengers involved are injured or require aid.  If they do, they must call for help immediately.  They must remain at the scene until help arrives and wait for the police to file an official report.  The law also requires operators to exchange contact and insurance information with everyone involved.

If the operator fails to comply with these requirements if could potentially result in arrest, imprisonment and harsh fines. Police can charge fleeing drivers with offenses ranging from a misdemeanor to a felony, depending on the degree of damage or injury.

What to do If You Have Been Hit by a Driver Who Flees the Scene

After any accident you should call the police so they can file a report.  When the police arrive they can collect evidence and interview witnesses.  You should also take pictures of the scene.  These can sometimes help police track down the hit-and-run driver.  Additionally, regardless of how the accident happened, you should always report it to your insurance company. If the negligent party is found, they will likely be held libel for your damages and medical expenses.  If they are not found, your personal uninsured motorist coverage should pay for the damages you’ve incurred.

What Happens if a Hit-and-Run Isn’t Solved?

Some hit-and-run accidents are never solved.  It is understandable to be upset if the investigation does not turn up anything helpful.  The longer a case goes unsolved the more likely it is that it never will be solved.  Hiring an experienced hit-and-run accident attorney will often increase your chances of finding the guilty party and holding them accountable.

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