Everything You Need to Know About Filing A Motorcycle Accident Lawsuit in Houston, Texas

Everything You Need to Know About Filing A Motorcycle Accident Lawsuit in Houston, Texas

Motorcycle accidents are always unfortunate events. If you’ve been in a motorcycle accident, what should you do next? We have the answer! If your bike was involved in a collision with another vehicle, like a car or truck, then it is important to file a lawsuit against that driver. It is key for victims of motorcycle accidents to understand their legal options so they can make informed decisions about their legal matters.  Drivers of cars and trucks are required by law to maintain control of their vehicles at all times. After a serious motorcycle accident, you may not be able to work or take care of yourself while recovering from the accident.  Bills have a habit of piling up and if you need help, call The Texas Bulldog for a free case evaluation at 713-572-3333.  You will never pay anything unless he wins your case.

Below is some valuable information about handling the aftermath of a motorcycle accident:

Never Sign Anything

After a motorcycle accident you will likely be contacted by the insurance company right away.  They will pretend to be on your side and ask how they can help.  However, you should never agree to, or sign, anything without speaking to a personal injury attorney first.  The insurance agents are not your friends.   Their goal is to offer you as little as possible and to trick you into signing papers that remove your right to sue for more.

Never Apologize After an Accident

Most of us have been in an accident at one point or another. You might’ve even apologized to the other driver for your role, which is an understandable response after being so shaken up by something so unexpected. But did you know that apologizing can actually make things worse? After a motorcycle accident, the worst thing you can do is to apologize for it.  Instead, let your lawyer do the talking for you.  The legal system has its own set of rules for accidents, but it’s important to keep in mind that there are some general principles that hold true no matter what state you’re in. These include never admitting fault (even if you feel like it was partly your fault) and never making any admissions (again, even if they seem harmless).  These can be held against you when it comes time to file a suit.

Gathering Evidence

After a motorcycle accident it is important to gather evidence, if possible.  Taking pictures of the entire accident scene and the vehicles involved can help when it comes time to prove your case.  Ask for the contact information of any and all witnesses.  Get the insurance information of all parties involved.

As your case progresses, try to stay organized by keeping copies of all medical expenses and bills.

Timeline of Your Case

Hiring an experienced personal injury attorney is the most important step after a motorcycle accident.  Your attorney will file a case and handle everything so you can concentrate on recovering and getting healthy.  After your case is filed, your attorney will keep you abreast of everything that is going on in your case.  Law suits can after take months or years to settle but many law firms will help you handle medical and living expenses while they work to settle your case.

Your job is to work on getting better.  Never miss a medical appointment, including physical therapy.  A history of regular treatments will help prove your injuries so your attorney can get you the highest settlement possible.  A gap in treatment can show that your injuries aren’t as serious as you might claim they are.

Will My Case Go to Court?

This is a legitimate concern many people have. In truth, very few cases actually see the inside of a courtroom. Generally going to court is not in anyone’s best interests. Court expenses and fees are expensive and juries can be really unpredictable.  Trial cases are often “all or nothing”; either you get a large settlement, or the jury awards you nothing.  You might even be forced to pay the court fees. However, experiences attorneys should be able to determine if your case is worth taking to court or if you should settle out of court.

Hire a Motorcycle Accident Attorney

If you have been in a motorcycle accident, it is important that you speak to an attorney right away. There are many different factors that may be involved in the aftermath of your accident, including insurance coverage and liability for damages. Seeking legal counsel will ensure that your rights are protected so you can recover fully from this unfortunate event. If you are considering filing a motorcycle accident lawsuit, call our attorneys now for more information about how we can assist with this type of case. We’re ready and waiting at any time! Call us today at 713-572-3333 for more information.