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When you have been injured in a car accident, there are steps you must take. Number one is to stop. Never leave the scene of an accident. The second step is to call the police and tell them if you need medical assistance. Step three is to take pictures and get contact information of everyone involved. This includes the other driver, passengers and any witnesses. The final step is to call us and get a free consultation from the Texas Bulldog.

If you have been seriously injured you will probably be taken directly to an emergency room. However, even if your injuries do not seem serious initially, it is important to always get evaluated by a medical professional. Injuries like whiplash do not always show up right away, so you should make sure your doctor documents all of your injuries.  Because it is easy to lose track, we recommend that you keep all of your medical bills and receipts in one place.  We will need copies of all of these bills while we are working to resolve your case.

At The Miller Law Firm we give every client our full attention. We understand the toll a serious injury or wrongful death can have on an accident victim and their loved ones. The Texas Bulldog will investigate the hard facts of your case and evaluate the incident. Because our firm focuses solely on Texas personal injury law, we have the experience and resources needed to win settlements and verdicts for our clients.  Call us now for a free case evaluation.

Getting the Legal Help You Need from a Texas Car Accident Attorney

Your entire life can completely change in a matter of moments due to a car accident. Even a minor car accident can disrupt your life. Whether it was the negligence of another driver or extreme weather conditions, a serious crash can cause life-long injuries. In the event of a catastrophic injury, medical care may be extensive and ongoing. Victims may become disabled and lose their ability to work and their independence, indefinitely. Often their families also face emotional and financial hardships and other losses. If an accident could have been prevented, those responsible should be held accountable. Unfortunately, making an injury claim under Texas accident laws can be difficult. Insurance companies make it very challenging and will often try to deny your claim and drag out the process. At The Miller Law Firm, our lawyers have represented hundreds of accident victims. Our firm has the negotiation and courtroom skills necessary to help you get a fair settlement from an insurance company or a favorable verdict in court. We focus on building strong cases and will fight for you to protect your rights throughout the entire claims process.

Let Us Help While You Recover

Car accidents are usually caused by human error. A mistake made by another driver may entitle you to economic and non-economic damages. Financial consequences you suffer, such as medical costs, damage to your property and lost wages, are referred to as economic damages. Your pain, suffering and emotional distress are referred to as non-economic damages. Texas is fault state so your claim will depend on many factors. Having an experienced attorney on your side to fight the insurance companies can play a huge role in if you recover your damages after a car accident.

How Much Will It Cost to Hire a Texas Car Accident Attorney

The Texas Bulldog will never charge anything unless he wins your case. We have a contingency fee contract, which means The Miller Law Firm will not get paid unless you recover money. Additionally, our firm will cover all the costs associated with researching your case, prosecuting and litigation. We will also cover the costs of doctor visits, court visits, loans for living expenses and if we need to hire an expert for trial. If The Texas Bulldog wins your case, we’re reimbursed those costs. If we’re not successful, then we lose those costs.

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At The Miller Law Firm, we focus on helping injured victims and their families get the most they deserve of their financial recovery. We know that the success of your case depends on our hard work and dedication. Our attorneys will always go the extra mile from the initial investigation through all facets of the legal process to help you get the best outcome possible. The Texas Bulldog will fight aggressively to ensure that you receive a favorable outcome for your case, whether negotiating with an insurance company or taking a case to trial. Contact Us today by calling 713-572-3333 to schedule a free consultation. Our attorneys are available to discuss how we can help you favorably resolve your case.