Bicycle-Related Fatalities Are on the Rise According to CDC Report

Bicycle-Related Fatalities Are on the Rise According to CDC Report

According to a recent report by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), bicycle-related fatalities are on the rise. Bicycle accidents are a growing concern in Texas, as cyclists often face danger when sharing the road with cars and other vehicles. In 2019 alone, there were almost 2,000 bicycle-related crashes reported in Texas according to the Texas Department of Transportation. Of those nearly 2,000 reported accidents, 54 resulted in fatalities and 1,788 resulted in injuries.  This alarming trend is prompting bicycle safety advocates to urge riders, drivers, and pedestrians alike to be extra vigilant when sharing the roads.

With more cyclists taking to the streets in cities across America due to their convenience and health benefits, attorneys specializing in bike safety suggest that riders take additional precautions before hitting the asphalt.

Bicycle Safety Tips:

  • Wearing a helmet at all times while riding
  • Using lights, especially after sundown
  • Keeping street rules in mind including riding on designated cycling paths versus sidewalks
  • Avoiding heavily trafficked areas
  • Paying close attention to intersections including stop lights and stop signs
  • Giving pedestrians the right of way
  • Using hand signals when changing lanes or turning
  • Wearing bright colors can also make you more visible and less likely to bit hit accidentally by a car
  • When possible, avoiding riding at dusk and dawn as these are the most dangerous times of the day when it comes to accidents and fatalities

By following these preventative measures, cyclists can reduce their risk of becoming another statistic in this disturbing report. The CDC encourages individuals to always be aware of their surroundings while riding, driving, and walking near bike riders; by doing so, we can help create a safer environment for all.

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